No Wires, No Glue, No Slipping

If you ride a dirt bike, then you know what it is like to have a grip that slips. Despite all your efforts to glue and safety wire the grip in place, it usually slips. Just the process of gluing and wiring grips can be a hassle as well. The wire often breaks during installation, and once installed, there is often a sharp point that wreaks havoc on your hands. Additionally, the gluing process is a mess and it is impossible to get consistent coverage between your grip and the bar. Risk Racing created a simple and effective solution grip bonding system called Fusion.

Clean the bar and begin to place bonding strip.

peel and apply the bonding strips to your bars, leaving a little on the end to press into the bar.

spray the bonding strips with the Fusion Spray.

Easily slide your grip into place and after 10-15 minutes the grips are bonded to your bars.

Wave Ergonomics

The large flange of the moto grip has a slight bend to it. This bend reduces pressure points between the riders’ thumb and the grip flange, preventing blisters on the side of your thumb.

Gripping Ribs

The Moto grip features three minimal, but meaningful, ribs on the bottom side of the grip. These three ribs interact with your last two fingers, which provide most of the gripping power in your hand.

Dual Compound

Premium, dual compound grip that feature great vibration damping and durability.The ends of these grips are double walled reinforced to prevent damage during tip overs.

Fusion Bonding System

Fusion Grips include the Fusion Bonding System kit. At first the Fusion Spray acts as a lubricant for easy grip installation, but after it dries, it creates a lasting bond. The entire process is clean and simple, and bonds in about 10-15 minutes. Removal of the grips is the same process as any other grip.


Ergonomic “Wave” Flange

Two finger gripping ribs

Dual compound micro texture

Double walled grip end protection

Fusion bonding system for fast no slip installation

What’s Included

Moto/ATV Grip Pair

choice of MOTO, ATV/MTB

Fusion Bonding System

2x bonding strips, 1x catalyst spray bottle

Choose Your Grip

MOTO 2.0


  • Dual rubber compound
  • Rubber ends
  • Ergo Wave Flange on Moto version

MOTO 2.0
Red: 00284
Blue: 00285
Green: 00286
Orange: 00287
Yellow: 00288

Red: 00289
Blue: 00290
Green: 00291
Orange: 00292
Yellow: 00293

Installing Fusion Grips - Video